NUGGET ICE from Scotsman

World’s Most Chewable Ice Is Now Available in Homes

Ice lovers have enjoyed “Nugget Ice” since 1961 when Scotsman Ice Systems developed the machine that makes this incredible ice. Water is pushed up through a refrigerated cylinder with an auger. The partially frozen “Nuggets” are pushed out through small tubes and harvested into a bin. The result is the Original Chewable Ice – Nugget Ice – crunchy, chewable nuggets.

Nugget Ice is so chewable because only about 75% of the water is frozen when it’s harvested . . . the water that hasn’t frozen drips back down into the auger, resulting in ice that’s perforated with tiny air pockets. These air pockets are soon filled with the beverage you pour over the ice. Nugget Ice actually takes on the flavor of your beverage! Wow!

Nugget Ice can be found anywhere beverages are served with ice from Scotsman Nugget Ice Machines . . . Sonic Drive-Ins and thousands of other restaurants, convenience stores, hotels and other businesses. Go to to find a source near you!

Or, you can now have a never ending supply of real, authentic, chewable “Nugget Ice” in your home! Scotsman Nugget Ice Machines are available from finer appliance dealers throughout the country. The ice making process in these residential machines is identical to Scotsman’s commercial machines.

Insist on real Nugget Ice from Scotsman. Other wannabes advertise ice machines they claim make ice like real Nugget Ice, but don’t be fooled. Their machines produce ice that’s much harder and less chewable, up to 95% hard ice with few air pockets. And, with fewer air pockets their ice doesn’t take on beverage flavor like real Nugget Ice. 


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